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Chiropractic is a manual therapy focused on resolving musculoskeletal issues at their root A chiropractic treatment is a treatment where a licensed Chiropractor uses their hands or special instrument to manipulate joints in your body to reduce pain and discomfort. Chiropractic is centered on diagnosing and manipulating joint misalignments, particularly those of the spine, which are thought to create various problems by altering nerves, muscles, and organs.

Main Conditions treated by a Chiropractor:

1. Neck Pain
2. Headaches
3. BackPain
4. Disk herniations
5. Plantar fasciitis
6. Jaw problems
7. Muscle strains
8. Sciatica
9. Work Injuries
10. Sports Injuries
11. Sprain/Strain Injuries
12. The musculoskeletal system
13. Fibromyalgia
14. Pregnancy Pains
15. Postural problems
16. Whiplash/MVA

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