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Anjali Sarna
Physiotherapist / Owner

Good day all!  My journey as a Physiotherapist though super eventful has been thoroughly rewarding.  Born and Raised in New Delhi, India I moved to the United Kingdom for my post-graduation where I specialized in Neuro Musculoskeletal  Health care.  With an overall therapy experience spanning over 15 years, I have worked in both Clinics and large Specialty hospitals since graduating with a special interest in Orthopedic/sports injuries.

I am a certified Pelvic Health Therapist (Level 3) and am also proficient in Dry needling,  Mckenzie (Lumbar spine),  Manual therapy, and SFMA techniques (Selective functional movement assessment). One of the most amazing aspects of my profession is that  I derive my motivation from the very challenges I face at a daily level.  

As a physiotherapist, it is so fulfilling when you watch your patients regain their lives back because of your efforts. Every Job profile involves some end result for the efforts invested, but for a physical therapist, the result can be as amazing as a young soccer or hockey player recovering from a bad injury that could have had a long-term impact on his active life.  

I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to truly make a difference in someone’s life every single day through evidence-based treatments. I have a very keen interest in Meditation and Yoga.  Meditation is one of the most beautiful and relaxing and ‘underrated’ wellness activities known to us and it's also my favorite topic of conversation.  I always look forward to improving my skills as an expert therapist and have future aspirations to set up a charity organization in an underdeveloped country to improve health awareness.

Alyssa Folkestad
Massage Therapist

I'm Alyssa Folkestad, a Registered Massage Therapist with a strong commitment to promoting health and wellness. In 2018, I completed the Advanced Massage Therapy program at CDI College, accumulating 2400 hours of hands-on experience through volunteering at major events across the Edmonton area, including triathlons and high school sporting events. Since then, I've continued to expand my knowledge of the human body and various modalities to better assist you in reaching your unique recovery goals.

As of March 2023, I've had the privilege of being a part of the Bodiworks team, where I've had the opportunity to support numerous individuals on their health journeys. My ultimate aim is to facilitate the restoration and maintenance of optimal health and wellness in your body.

I specialize in:
● Therapeutic
● Kinetic
● Cupping
● Prenatal
● Child Massage Therapy
● Sports Massage
● Relaxation

Becoming a massage therapist was my way of contributing to people's ability to return to their daily lives with minimal discomfort. I'm passionate about demonstrating the importance of caring for and nurturing the body as a path to achieving a higher level of overall health.

David Rybie
Massage Therapist

I started my massage journey in a more non-conventional way than most, through karate. I started karate at the age of five years old and ended up competing internationally as a teenager. I started teaching karate as a way to continue educating people the discipline and respect involved in the practice. While teaching I noticed the strain practicing martial arts put on my students and wanted to help them address those issues, which led me to learn massage.

While I was at school, through my training, I learned that I could help more people through massage than just my students. I graduated from CDI College in 2018 and started volunteer work with the Edmonton Prospects baseball team. After the season, I took a job massaging full time, helping as many people as I could. Over the past 5 years I have developed a better understanding of the body and use what I learnt to control the depth of my massage.

I specialize in deep tissue, but I am able to read the muscle tension and any additional indicators to reduce or increase my pressure as needed. Additionally I also specialize in sports therapy, driven by my work with karate and volunteering. I also provide maternity, pre-natal, and post-natal massages as I believe less stress on the mother can help with a healthy child. In order to bring more benefits to my clients I have also taken courses in hot stones, cupping, and kinesio-taping and can incorporate as needed.

Michelle Sorensen
Massage Therapist

Hi! I’m Michelle!

I possess an unwavering passion for anatomy and an innate ability to pinpoint individual ailments, tailoring treatments to perfection, my intuitive touch is the cornerstone of my effectiveness in addressing a diverse range of conditions, as a specialist in therapeutic massage, I derive immense gratification from witnessing my clients’ transformative journeys, beyond that, I provide indulgent relaxation treatments. My exceptional talent and profound fascination center on resolving hip and shoulder dysfunctions, driven by my personal experiences with injuries in these areas. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you at Bodiworks for your next treatment session!

Massage Therapist

Lina specializes in Deep Tissue Massage. She is certified in Thai Massage on the Table, Cupping Therapy, and Acupressure. She incorporates Trigger Points Therapy, Active/Passive Stretches, and Joint Mobilization in her sessions.

She offers tailored therapeutic treatments designed to alleviate pain while promoting relaxation. She is passionate about massage therapy and is always seeking opportunities to enhance her skills through extensive courses. She looks forward to being part of your healing journey here at Bodiworks!

Tiana Morgan
Administrative Assistant

Tiana has been an integral part of the Bodiworks team since April 2023. She began her administrative career at the young age of 15, working in a massage clinic located in St. Albert. Over the years, she has held various roles in customer service, which have broadened her expertise in the field. Tiana is passionate about building relationships and finds great joy in witnessing the progress and improvement of patients.

Outside of work, she enjoys visiting the mountains, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her dogs.

Arshpreet Kaur
Adminstrative Assistant

Arshpreet is a dedicated professional with a Diploma in General Business from Cambrian College of Arts and Technology and has seven years of experience in customer service. Known for her fast-learning abilities and hardworking nature, her highly organized approach allows her to excel in multitasking environments.

Beyond the workplace, Arshpreet finds joy in listening to music and dancing, particularly her traditional folk dance Gidha. She values spending quality time with friends and family, embodying a balanced approach to both her professional and personal life.

(Joining soon)

We are still looking for a Chiropractor to join our growing team. If you know one who you would like to recommend please reach out to the front desk.

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